Kount Octopus is a substantive mythological creature that produces sounds and lyrics, aiming to express emotions cynically, rekount true fictional stories and comment on the invisible things we all see.

In real life, - whatever that meansKount was formed inside Dimitris Kyriazis’ (bass) head in the spring of 2020, when he worked on the material of the first album, under mandatory confinement due to the imposed lockdown. His godfather is an electronic daemon. A year later, he collaborated with the unwearied guitarist Nikos Gangadis, and in May 2021 Markella Panagiotou took on the lead vocals, drastically contributing to the formation of the distinct sound of the band. In the summer, Pollis Adamantopoulos followed on the keyboards. Giannis Kontogiannis, who recorded some distinguishing guitar and harp passages on the project, remains close to the band, far from Greece.

In Kount’s course, several sea creatures swam with him appreciably helping him with their talents: Dimitris Dimarakos, Pavlos Logaras and Kyriakos Darivas on drums, Marina Skiadaresi (vocals) and of course Rachel Cassar, who lit up the flame, on the lead vocals.

The Κount keeps his ears open, listens to a lot of stuff and brainstorms with his tentacles consistently in order to convert it into artwork. Psychedelic 60’s, rock, funk, soul, garnished with cabaret essences and pubertal garage sweat, are fused (dis)harmonically and performed imagina- tively.



Find the Way

Concept album, 9 tracks


A Day After

Under Construction

The Band

The Band



My Sweet little beast

As i walked through the mist
i found my sweet little beast
cuddly and hairy was born
so I took him back home


My sweet little beast
Once you came, you ‘ll never go away
You lick and you bite me,
You ‘re all I love and all I hate


He would crave for some sweets
Candies and chocolate bits
Which I rushed to provide
He wags his tail, I win my prize

Now we live in my flat
And we walk in the park
And we share all our meals,
My little tyrant fixed the deals

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Out of tune

I spent all night, trying to bring back to my mind
this ancient tune, this subtle lullaby,
my parents' whistle, the anthem of my infancy
my first love song
oh man, how i tried,
another sleepless night,
until the morning light,
another day to strive
to find my holy grail
to soothe my aching mind
but as the time went by
it came out with a twist
and it went like this:
dim bom bom...


and now i can't explain it, i can't restrain it,
i hear it tearing the thick air intimidating
like a mean boogeyman emerging from my childhood
a rigid judge of all the love crimes of my manhood
and nights draw in and i am sitting in my silent room
well, not so silent any more this pushy boom boom boom
suddenly blowing up inside my worn out head
oh man I don't want to end up on the floor lying dead
or this is not the case?  
dim bom bom...


And I remembered, my teenage kisses,
a bigger craddle, a bigger struggle to understand
this world of dimness
a greater aim for me to achieve self-forgiveness
and she would whisper all these love words in my ear
but not so much of it remained for me to hear
because this haunting tune would always sound near
and it would make all the magic disappear            
and it was just me with myself listening to this:
dim bom bom...


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Find the way

The first time i saw her, i took a deep breath in
she smiled and told me to let that deep breath out


i thought: "oh dear fellow, it's gonna happen again,
just take it easy and play it cool and zen"


i stuttered my name, she loosely told me hers
i think i lost it, my mind was such a mess


the hours go by and i can't figure out
the perfect line, the key to get her round


i 've got to hurry i've got to squeeze my mind
maybe it's hopeless, i'm running out of time


i 've got to find a way to say i want her so,
got to find a way to reach her soul
i swear i will be ready by tomorrow
i 've got to find a way to taste those lips
got to find a way to move those hips
a glance of her just freeze me to the marrow

it's no use trying, i'm going to improvise
i'll find the answer inside those deadening eyes                      
i 've got to find a way to say i want her so,
got to find a way to reach her soul 
i swear i will be ready by tomorrow
i 've got to find a way to taste those lips
got to find a way to move those hips
a glance of her just freeze me to the marrow

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    Bass guitar

    Dimitris Kiriazis is the bass guitar of the Kount, does the backing vocals and generally called the front man, both in the media and by the band members themselves, since he represents the band in most interviews and contributes most to the band's image in the popular media.


    Markella Panagiotou is the lead singer of Kount.

    Lead guitar

    Nikos Gaggades is the lead quitarist and the backing vocalist of the Kount.


    Pollis Adamantopoulos plays the pianos, the keyboards and handles all the sound effects of the Band

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